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Version 6.0 Upgrade Information

If you are upgrading ConnectedText from version 5.0 or earlier, you should know the following:

    • The format of the license file has changed and a new license is necessary for all registered users. If you are a registered user, after installing version 6.0 you will notice that program reverts to trial mode. The new license is free for all users who purchased version 5.0 or upgraded to version 4.0 on July 1st, 2013 or afterward.

    • If you are a registered version 5.0 user and qualify for a free upgrade send an email to with your serial number. Within 24 hours a new code for registering ConnectedText will be sent to you.

    • If you have a license for an older version of ConnectedText (version 3.1 or earlier) it is necessary to purchase an upgrade to version 6.0.

    • Project data has a new database structure in version 6.0. Projects are converted automatically when opened. Once a project is converted to the new format it will not work with previous versions of ConnectedText. So if you want to test version 6.0 before deciding to upgrade do a backup of your projects before installing version 6.0.

    • Before version 3.0, all user data (projects, icons, scripts, configuration files) was stored under ConnectedText program folder. From version 3.0 onward such files are stored in folder ConnectedText under My Documents in order to make ConnectedText be more compliant with Windows Vista/7. During installation all user data is moved to its new location. If you constantly move projects around don't forget that now they are stored in folder My Documents\ConnectedText\Projects. Note that My Documents folder may have a different name if you Windows is not in English. Also, in Vista or 7 the name is Documents instead of My Documents.

    • If you are upgrading from version 2.5 or later then it is necessary to reindex all projects after version 6.0 is installed. To do that open the Project manager (File->Open), and for each project execute function Reindex (Tools->Reindex).

    We suggest making a complete backup of ConnectedText program folder before upgrading. You can make a complete copy of the folder in a different location. If anything goes wrong just erase ConnectedText folder program entirely and restore it using the backup copy.

    If you find any problem while upgrading to version 6.0 contact our support using the following email address: Please, provide information about Windows and ConnectedText version being used and a complete description of the problem.

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