The Personal Wiki System!


Prof. Manfred Kuehn,
Boston University,
United States

ConnectedText is the best program for storing research notes that I know. I find the abilities to link topics or text entries quickly and easily (Wikilinks) and to do full text searches (in several projects at the same time) especially useful. But the features that allow me to categorize entries and to navigate a project visually by means of a graph are almost equally useful. Since the developers are unusually responsive to the wishes of their customers, the program is rapidly evolving and improving. I can't recommend it highly enough. It might be described as an electronic version of Luhmann's famous Zettelkasten, but this would not do it full justice.

Michael Fitzhugh
United States

I tried ConnectedText reluctantly after having to move from working full-time on a Mac with Eastgate's Tinderbox to working full-time on a PC, where Tinderbox isn't available. While they are, of course, very different programs, I've been amazed to find how easy is was to dive into ConnectedText and start realizing the immediate benefits of building an interconnected collection of all the little bits of information I collect during my daily work as a reporter. Thanks for producing an outstanding piece of software!

Prof. Mario Ary Pires Neto,
MD, PhD,
Universidade Federal do Rio de Janeiro,

Firstly, I would like to congratulate you on this excellent piece of software that is ConnectedText. Your software is an invaluable tool for anyone dealing with multiple sources of information. ConnectedText has a very rare combination of simplicity and power that will help me a lot both with my personal and professional data. I am surely going to register other copies of ConnectedText on my notebook and on my lab computer. Thank you so much for this brilliant Brazilian software and I hope it will be improved on a regular basis. Your software is an undeniable proof that competence has no frontiers.

Rob van Tol,
Edinburgh Counselling Associates,
United Kingdom

I am a psychotherapist who has to keep up my reading of books and journals as part of my Continuing Professional Development, and I write articles and do workshops of my pet subjects, and ConnectedText is really helping bring order and sense to that reading, using an extension of Glen's excellent starting template. I suspect it will help me remember a lot more of what I've read, and so be a better therapist.

Jacek Drobnik, PhD
Faculty of Pharmacy,
Medical University of Silesia in Katowice

My way to discover ConnectedText was long. Making initial concepts of my research, first I tried to define my most urgent needs in gathering scientific information. There were three crucial demands: 1) splitting the information into small parts, 2) creating easy-to-rename links from one to another (especially references linking), and 3) the use of categories. These are, in fact most basic //wiki// stipulations. Then I spent almost a year testing some 20 personal wiki applications which were available in the year 2007. The time I invested rerurned just after I made use of ConnectedText. An application can be reliable or not. ConnectedText is the most reliable one, not only thanks to the backup and restore capabilities, but firstly due to the very responsible developers who supply wide and fast feedback and are willing to focus even on special problems of a single user. Not only ConnectedText does fulfill the claims of a good desktop wiki software, but it goes much deeper in data mining and presentation, to allow the user to reach the top of one's productivity. Long live ConnectedText!

Patrick Barta, MD, PhD,
Center for Imaging Science,
The Johns Hopkins University
United States

As a person with two jobs: one clinical and the other academic, I have a significant amount of information to keep under control. I downloaded the ConnectedText trial, and found the freeform structure of a wiki with the ability to track revisions was just what I was looking for. ConnectedText's features were a really good fit to my needs: I use the tex support, the navigator, charts and graphs, spell checker and the export to html features almost every day. The user interface is customizable and easy to use, and supports time-saving features like drag and drop links to image files on the Internet. When I ran into a bit of a problem, I was very impressed that the level of technical support that I received for my trial version far exceeded my expectations. Without having sent in a cent, my problem was fixed in the next version, and available two days later. ConnectedText is not only good software. The great technical support puts the product into a class by itself.

David A. Taylor, PhD
United States

As a cognitive psychologist, I am constantly on the lookout for software tools that reflect the way the mind naturally organizes large bodies of information. Recently, I discovered ConnectedText (CT) and, after a trial of several weeks, decided to adopt it as my primary tool for content management and Web publication. I considered a large number of alternative products, including note-takers, mind-mappers, outliners, PIMs, database managers, Wikis, and content-management systems. All of these offered useful features, but none of them brought together the unique set of features found in CT. ConnectedText brings the convenience and power of a Wiki to the desktop and enhances it with a state-of-the-art graphical navigator plus a drag-and-drop, tree-based organizer. In addition, CT lets me link together an amazing variety of content, including text, drawings, photographs, Web pages, and files of many different types, and it brings all this content up inside the tool rather than calling up external applications. And when I get ready to publish the results of my work on the Web, CT will output any or all of this accumulated information in the form of conventional, hyperlinked Web pages that can be hosted on any server. Best of all, at least for an unrepentant hacker such as myself, CT is extensible through plug-ins and scripts, and I'm already working on some Python code to take CT to places even it has yet to go. All in all, it's a killer system.

Paul Haggard
United States

I think little mini-reviews are more useful to interested potential customers, rather than simple gushing statements. ConnectedText is such a great app, it is difficult to make people understand just how much it can improve their tracking of various bits of information - like customer calls (who and about what), actions taken, bugs to fix, bugs fixed, what parts of a system will need to be deployed, and everything else you do in a day, forget about, and then occasionally need again in the future. Anyone who uses wikis get how the power of wiki is useful, but ConnectedText lets you turn simple text diary entries into an extremely useful personal database. That isn't something other wikis handle in any significant way. There's just so much potential in the basic package, and that's before you add in the ability to create your own scripts or for other interested developers to create their own add ins or extensions to make it meet their needs.

Anyways, it's a truly incredible application. One of the very top out there, and a "should have" for people that create personal or work journal entries. It is just fantastic at letting you so easily search and mine out all the important stuff you need to find quickly. That really puts it ahead of other personal wiki tools. Add in its database functionality using properties and attributes and its queries (ie, the ASK command), and it is just mind blowing. I wish I had this app 20 years ago!

I love how responsive you are to customer suggestions and email. That is another great plus to ConnectedText. It is good to have that from the developers.

Jorgen Brenting
publisher and writer
Baskerville Publishing,

From the first day ConnectedText has saved me valuable time by providing an easy-to-use tool for collecting information, and organizing notes, thoughts and ideas in a way that makes it easy to manage both small and large projects. With just one click I can now publish each project, either as is or as a complete skeleton witch can be quickly finished in any html editor or put into a CMS. I expect ConnectedText to play an increasingly important role in my company in the future.

Georgiadis Giorgos

The only thing better than the prompt response to user requests are the features that users didn't even thought up yet! I found plenty of those (i.e. TeX capability, graph navigation, differences utility, edit/view mode, ...), and most important, put them in use immediately. Needless to say that not one of any similar program has so much features packed together. And the feature list is growing by the day! That's why I know I'll be pleasantly surprised in the future.

Glen J. Coulthard
Purdue University,
United States

Please accept my sincere appreciation for your outstanding product, ConnectedText 1.5, and for your responsive customer service. Since purchasing my licenses a few months ago, I have been completely satisfied with the product and your company. Furthermore, I have been impressed with the cycle speed at which you introduce new features, as well as distribute program updates. Your presence on the forums is greatly appreciated, as is your dedication to resolving technical issues. Thank you and keep up the good work.

Stefan Müller

A brief history of my information workflow: The BC era (Before ConnectedText) was chaos that developed into a beautifully structured world of knowledge with the advent of this great software. It never lets me down. I can count on it to dig up pertinent data in an instant, and it is just as reliable and quick to gather my input, connect it to existing patterns or create new ones on the fly. It does far more than just hold my thoughts and notes for future reference: it helps me think in a better, more efficient way, it frees my mind and fosters creativity, it lets me dive into details and back to the overall picture without losing sight of anything in between. It gives me a powerful feeling of being in control. And it does all these things incredibly fast, almost at the speed of thought.

Frank Springe

With ConnectedText I collect a lot of personal ideas plus snippets from web pages - primarily as notes for projects I'm working on as an IT consultant. ConnectedText is by far the best application I know to collect, organize, retrieve and reuse my valuable personal information. Over the years I've tried a lot of text databases but I was never really satisfied. Now that I've found ConnectedText my search has been ended successful.

Michelangelo Torres Du
CAPICOR / Sagrex / Sagrexfoodsm,

I am an Industrial Engineer and a freelance researcher. My hobby is to experiment with software and determine its uses to our company and to our community. I have tested version 3.0.1 and now have upgraded to 4.0.1. and have this great creative urge to encode my technical information into the software; it has been meticulously designed to have many useful features to search classify, and arrange noted information. This could be very useful in innovation, where we constantly juggle with old and new ideas to come up with the perfect solution. I have tested some mindmap software and this is truly superior in interface, stability and capabilities. It is an intriguing, wonderful software, worthy of exploring more.

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