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All project content can be exported to following formats: Text, HTML or HTML Help. HTML enables easy publishing of your work in the Internet. HTML Help provides a way to distribute all information of your project, including images and external files, in a single file, make it suitable for distribution of study material. As an example take a look in the Welcome Project in HTML Help format.

Internal Browser

An internal Browser is available in ConnectedText. URL links created in a topic can be opened in the internal browser. Also it can be used to import images. Just drag them from the browser into the editor, and the image is copied automatically inside your project.

Full Text Search

You can locate information easily in all open projects using Full Text search. Using boolean expression it is possible any information instantaneously. Example: topics with both Wiki and Hypertext. You can limit the scope of search for just a certain kind of topics (using icons) or date topic within a certain date range. And often used queries can be saved for latter use.

Comparing Revisions

When writing a work for publishing, is very important to keep every revision of it, so it is possible to track changes. ConnectedText saves automatically every change you make in your topics, automatically, without user intervention. And using the differences tool you can compare any two revisions, to see what changed. Color coding identifies what was included, deleter or modified.

GraphViz Plugin

ConnectedText included a plugin which enables the creation of graphs using GraphViz, a powerful open source graph visualization software created by AT&T Research Labs.

Ploticus Plugin

Topics can have embedded charts. The Ploticus plugin generates charts and graphs from data using Ploticus, an outstanding program created by Steve Grubb.

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