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Frequently Asked Questions

Evaluating ConnectedText

I want to try ConnectedText. What I have to do?

Do the following:

  • Download ConnectedText installer and save it to a conveniently accessible place such as your desktop.
  • Locate the downloaded installer file and double-click the file to run the installer.
  • Follow the installer wizard. You will be asked to agree to the terms of an end user license agreement (EULA) during installation.
  • After ConnectedText has been installed, you can delete the installer file.
What are the limitations on the demo?

Apart from the trial license time limit, none. There is no disabled feature. Just a trial watermark is shown on the screen. No data will be lost when you move to full license mode.

My trial period is over? Can I request more time?

No, due to limitations in the licensing engine. A new trial period will be available when a new version is released. If you need a new trial period install ConnectedText in a different computer.

Can I test in more than one computer at same time?

Yes. You can install ConnectedText in any computer at anytime.

Where is the USB version for downloading?

There is no evaluation version for USB. It works in the same way of the normal version. The main difference is that is prepared for installation in USB drives. If you want to test ConnectedText, download the normal version.

Is there any recommendation for using ConnectedText under Vista?

Only one: care must be taken during install. When the elevation prompt appears in the screen do choose to install it under administrator account. It is necessary in order to enable the installer to register some components. Notice that by default ConnectedText folder will be created in the Administrator's Documents folder. You can select a different location during install. If you plan to use ConnectedText under a normal account choose a folder that is accessible under it.

Purchasing, Licensing and Upgrading

How ConnectedText is licensed?

ConnectedText is licensed in two ways:

  • Single computer: it enables the use of ConnectedText in a single computer. This way more than one person is licensed to use ConnectedText in the same computer. If you need to use ConnectedText in other computers you will need additional licenses
  • Single user: it enables installing ConnectedText on one or more computers exclusively for your use. If ConnectedText will be used by multiple people than you need a single computer license for each computer.

You can learn more about licensing terms reading the user license agreement (EULA).

I want to use ConnectedText in two computers. Do I need two licenses?

Depends on how do you plan to use ConnectedText. Buying two computer licenses enables several people to use ConnectedText on both computers. If you need to use ConnectedText in several computers we suggest buying the USB version or the single user license.

What kind of license do I have?

If you purchased ConnectedText before version 3.0 was released you have a "Single Computer" license for each license you purchased (unless you purchased the USB version). If you purchased afterwards it is of the type you selected in our purchase page.

I want to buy ConnectedText. What do I have to do?

Go to our Purchase page and select the licensing option most appropriated for you. After you complete the purchase you will receive your license via email.

If you buy an USB license, instructions for downloading the USB version will be sent with the license info. The normal version can be downloaded here.

I want to buy the USB version. Do I have to buy the normal version also?

No. Just buy the USB version. We recommend having ConnectedText installed in a desktop computer where most of your work is done, but is not mandatory. That way you can increase the USB drive life.

Do I need a PayPal account?

No. You can make purchases via PayPal without registering for a PayPal account. After clicking on the 'Proceed to Checkout' button, look for the line that reads: Use your credit card or bank account. Click continue and you can enter your credit card information.

How ConnectedText is delivered?

Order delivery is electronic only. Following successful transaction we receive notification from order processing company and we send license key to the email address that you provide upon purchase. In some cases it may take up to one business day but normally just few hours. Make sure to keep the license information in a safe place for future reference in case you need to re-install the software.

Can I return ConnectedText and get a refund?

Orders can be canceled for a full refund before the license information has been delivered. Once the license info has been shipped, all sales are final.

How upgrades are charged?

All minor releases (i.e., 2.0 -> 2.1) are free for licensed users. To upgrade from an earlier version, download the latest version and install over your existing copy. There may be an upgrade fee for major product releases (i.e., 1.5 -> 3.0). Any purchase made within 60 days of a major product release will be eligible for a free upgrade to the next major version.

I have sent my payment, but haven't received my license.

If you paid using a credit card following successful transaction we receive notification from order processing company and send license information to the email address that you provide upon purchase. In some cases it may take up to one business day but normally just few hours. If you didn't received your license after such period please send a message to us.

If you paid usind eCheck it may take up to 5 business days to be cleared. License info is sent when we receive the information from the order processing company that the payment was cleared.

If you are using a spam filter check if the message was not blocked by it.

I bought a new computer. Can I transfer my license to it?

Yes. Do the following:

  • Remove ConnectedText from the old computer.
  • Install ConnectedText in your new computer.
  • Use your license key to unlock ConnectedText.

If you want to keep both copies working you need to purchase a new ConnectedText license.

How often updates are released?

Quite often. Check our Change Log. As soon as new features are ready we deliver it to our users.

Do I have to remove ConnectedText prior upgrading it?

No. If you do so you will lose ConnectedText configuration. Just download the new version and install it over the existing one.

USB Version

What is the USB version?

The USB version is special version suitable for use in USB drives. The USB version enables you to use ConnectedText in any computer running Windows without installing it. You can update your data anywhere and anytime. Just plug your USB drive and launch ConnectedText.

What is necessary for using the USB Version?

Just a pen drive. Nothing more.

If you decide to use the USB version be sure that Windows recognizes your pen drive as REMOVABLE. Otherwise it will not possible to install ConnectedText in it.

Can I install the USB version in an USB/Firewire external hard drive?

Yes. Starting from version 4.0 the USB version supports USB/Firewire external hard drives.

Do I need a special type of USB drive?

No. Just a regular pen drive. It is not necessary to be U3 compatible. Make sure Windows recognizes it as REMOVABLE.

Can I install the regular version in a USB drive?

No. The regular version (desktop) is not suitable for running in a USB Drive. In fact it will not run. The regular version depends on registry entries. The USB version doesn't.

Can I install the USB version in my desktop?

No. The USB version is tailored to be used only in a removable drive. You can use the USB version in any computer so it is not necessary to install ConnectedText in your desktop.

What are the recommendations when using the USB version?

Since USB drives have a estimated maximum number of read/write cycles, they can fail without notice. So we suggest to backup your projects regularly, moving them to a fixed media.

Can I use projects created in the regular version with the USB version?

Yes, you can. Projects created with one version of ConnectedText are compatible with the other version.

How do I move a project from my desktop to the USB drive?

Do the following:

  • Create in your USB, using the USB version, a project with the same name of the project you want to move. A folder with the selected name will be created under ConnectedText's Project folder.
  • Copy all the contents of project folder in your desktop to the newly created folder in the USB drive.
  • Launch ConnectedText from the USB drive and open the project.

That's all.

Using ConnectedText

Can I use the Welcome project?

Yes, you can but we strongly suggest to avoid do so if you want to add information to it. Every time a new version of ConnectedText is released Welcome project is updated and the installer always overwrite it, so you will lose all information added to it.

Python plugin is not working

If you are using ConnectedText regular version, check if Python is installed in your computer. Version 2.4 or superior must be used.

If you are using the USB version, Python must be installed in the computer in which you connect your pen drive.

I have a problem. Does installing ConnectedText again solve it?

Probably not. The install procedure can only repair missing files problem. Before doing this contact us so we can try to sort it out.

ConnectedText is not starting. Should I install it again?

No. Probably another program is blocking it. Some anti-virus/anti-malware softwares, like Spy Doctor, can prevent ConnectedText starting. To see if is your anti-virus that is blocking ConnectedText, try disabling it. Start ConnectedText again. If it starts then try configuring the anti-virus software to avoid the blocking.

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