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You can download ConnectedText from the links below. It is the complete version of the product. There is no spyware or adware. Current version is 6.0.15 (14.5 mb). See what's new to know version 6.0 new features and read about fixes and changes in Change Log.


Important: if you already uses ConnectedText there is important information you should know before installing version 6.0. You can check the upgrade prices here.

To install do the following:

  • Select the appropriate download link and save the installer file to a conveniently accessible place such as your desktop.
  • Locate the downloaded installer file and double-click the file to run the installer.
  • Follow the installer wizard.
  • After ConnectedText has been installed, you can delete the installer file.

You will be asked to agree to the terms of an end user license agreement (EULA) during installation.

Vista/Windows 7 users:

During ConnectedText install under Vista/Windows 7 consider the following: when the elevation prompt appears in the screen do choose to install it under administrator account. It is necessary in order to enable the installer to register some components. Notice that by default ConnectedText folder will be created in the Administrator's Documents folder. You can select a different location during install. If you plan to use ConnectedText under a normal account choose a folder that is accessible under it.

USB Version:

If you are looking for the USB version you find it here. You should have a valid license in order to use it. There isn't a trial version.

First time users:

Download also the Cheat Sheet with the basic markup commands. It will help to harness the full power of ConnectedText more easily.

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