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Additional files

Here you can find additional files to extend ConnectedText capabilities. If you have written a plugin or python script, created a style sheet or whatsoever that you think will be interesting for other ConnectedText users, you can send it to us. But don't forget that if everybody shares nothing, everybody will receive nothing.

Help Files

Cheat sheet containing most used ConnectedText's markup commands.

Welcome Project compiled in Microsoft HTML Help format using ConnectedText. Check all features of ConnectedText. Important: Windows blocks the content of downloaded CHM files. To unblock it right-click the file and then select "Properties". At the bottom of the window you will see an option for unblocking it.


Documentation for plugin development in C++. Contains example of a simple plugin. Can be used as a start for more ambitious plugins.

Project examples

A comprehensive example of how to use ConnectedText for storing and managing academic references, bibliographies, abstracts, and notes. Includes a video tutorial. Only for use with ConnectedText 3.0 or higher.

A very complete example of a project using GTD (Getting Things Done) concepts. Uses properties and Python scripts. Only for use with ConnectedText 3.0 or higher

Project containing Roget's Thesaurus. It is the 1911 edition, which is in the public domain.

Example of a project using GTD (Getting Things Done) concepts. Only for use with ConnectedText 1.5 or higher


An export filter (a xslt stylesheet) for Word 2007 (and 2003) to the ConnectedText wiki format.

It differs from the default in colors, fonts, and custom bullets (various options included). The look of pre-formatted text is also different.

A slightly changed "clean.css". I find this color template a little "warmer" than the elegant white/blue.

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